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Batman RomWho would have thought that "Batman" is in the best NES rom games to have. Seriously. Batman Rom? That's right. Like most games in this list, Batman is a side scrolling Beat Em Up, but how cool weapons like the bat-op and have rang the weapon, but my favorite is their bare hands. It makes the job faster. Or, as some call it "The Batman". The game is not like the movies, all the way to fight against the Joker. But you deserve the Nintendo World Championship Gold cartridge. Do not worry Mario, Rad Racer and Tetris, this game is the ultimate *****. But it is so fun and addictive as crack! The gameplay is also awesome. It is a cross between Robocop, Ninja Gaiden and Double Dragon. And with all that mixed, more or less epic spell-tion. Not much to say except that I do not think that Batman could be so much fun to make. when it comes to Batman is not really special video games, but it is really surprising.

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