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Battletoads nes romBattletoads nes rom - Everyone always tells me: ".. The man is so difficult Battletoads Frigga" But I do not think so of course it is a challenge, but not too hard as Contra or Mega Man 2, the only one. hard part is the drive through tunnels and in the well and can accidentally collide. You are in a planet around against people trying to save his friend. I love you because all the ways you can connect to someone's ass. With a handful of large with a big foot or other enemy. But the true way to play with a friend. You take control of another frog and you put your way to save the frogs caught. But if you think a player is difficult, it is not ****. It is very difficult because it is the other player damage. Hey, I'm everything and I accidentally the other players. Sorry something happens to your health. Its bull ****. You should have as CoD 4 multiplayer. I know that games are totally different, but just go with it. You should be able to select a mode where friendly fire as the CoD 4 "Hardcore" mode is. Not much to say, if you beat 'em up, want, but do not try to play with a friend

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