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Bionic Commando nes romBionic Commando is this guy with a bionic arm called Radd this evil (the Nazis in the Japanese version) to stop, wanting to resurrect Master D has no leader (Hitler in the Japanese version.) This game is unique because instead of jumping use your bionic arm to things that hang rather than jumping swing. I think it's a really interesting feature, because you go places you never thought you can make a NES game. He is also thinking about how I reach my arm around there. Every thought that I was not the way it is difficult to control the arm at times. Like what I want to go anywhere, but then the arm is completely different from a ledge and then I have to go. But other than this game is incredible and I think everyone should try. That's it for my list of Top 15 NES Games! Thank you to all read it and more in the future, stay tuned. I will post the details tonight, CoD 4 Thurs at 5:00 ET today, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading

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