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Castlevania Rom Castlevania nes rom - It was a typical game pad aside at the age of 8 bits. But instead of all this kick in the ass. Castlevania Simon Belmont is the entrance to Castle Dracula after he was inclined to kill. This game was really great because the amount of power ups and weapons that can get. And the way you should go Dracula. For example, in the first level, there are blocks that are blocking the road. Try to break, but nothing happens. But wait, there's a way to open the. You have reached the stairs and into the sewer system to the other side that is on the blocks. Perfect! Not much to say, I think it's a great game for a player, but more skilled because the amount of hidden areas and forms that must beat the boss. Apart from that, I think that Castlevania is a great game and if you're a fan of the fantasy game, check it.

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