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Dr. Mario nes romDr. Mario is a puzzle game. Like Tetris, but quite different at the same time. Dr. Mario is a game where you play as Mario, having a doctorate in the virus-pass and throw the pills in a glass with the virus of blue, red and yellow in them. The pills are red, yellow and blue, and you must match the color with the breast of man. 3 colored tablets in a row and the virus is stopped. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play with a friend, who can kill the virus more quickly. This game was reissued last year on Wii Ware. The game was the same now with online multiplayer, but now with a new feature called "Virus Buster / Germ Buster" mini-game to move the pointer of the Wii remote control pills used, and now allows four players to participate in the cooperation. As Dr. Mario for the way it is addictive! It makes you want to play the game, like many viruses, to see the bust. Some shortcomings are that it gets a little boring after a while. I mean, it's fun and addictive, but throw the pills in a jar in the virus chest a little boring. And sometimes it is very difficult. There are viruses everywhere in a small saucepan. They would have had at least a beginner mode, and training. But at least you can show the bust, can use such as viruses. Like Tetris. Dr. Mario is an amazing puzzle game, because if you get bored on a Sunday afternoon. It's great because if you have friends over too. Check it out

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