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Kid Icarus » Download NES ROMKid Icarus rom game - "jump like Mario, Link As Collect items and make as Samus." That pretty sums up Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus is the story of a young angel called Pit that ... umm .. However, regardless of who has something to do with the gods of Greek mythology, but never mind all that is important this game is incredible. The gameplay is, it's like playing with a bow and arrow (unlimited ammo was awesome) Pit shoot enemies and try to reach the top of the standings. A bit like ice climbers. And when they get the other plane, which has already consumed covered. So if you fall off a cliff and fall into the air and eaten by the play. It is very difficult to die. If you ever hit your heat meter will not give in, but not too much. Another thing I want to address is that it matches, the two children of Icarus. Why not? Pit is a daunting character to work with and could have a game with a great story? In my opinion, Kid Icarus for Wii or something should revive. It would be great. Overall, this game is incredible. great game that you play constantly throughout the night. Check it out

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