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Mega Man 2 nes romMega Man 2 rom - I have many requests to put Mega Man 2 on my list of the top 15, but I just could not. Do you know why? Because they are so god damn hard! Seriously, this game is so hard to Frigga, which makes me want to kill me. Of course, only increase the amount of fun, but oh my God, I want to shoot me in the face, when I run this game you will kill Mega Man and Dr. Wiley is to play in the world. Cool. You have to go through the levels shoot enemies and collect power-ups. But the enemies are so damn hard! Take for example the level of Bubbleman. Just when you lower the second platform you see a giant frog pin mini you. Frankly, I do not know how to kill. Skip to shoot him, which is not good. Kill all the frogs? It is a little longer. But the difficulty is still a great game to play and it's fun to see go through the levels, as each robot. Not much to say, I love this game, but it is to play very hard and is fun if you get bored on a Sunday afternoon and he is looking for a challenge.

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