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metroid nes romMetroid is epic. One reason is because without it, this site astonishing, probably not. Metroid on the person who travels to a planet to get rid of the Metroid. But wait! This place is huge and there is no card! That makes it fun. Remember where he was. He won the game as often as you like, you get to Kraid and Ridley and return to the top of the page and kill, get to know the Mother Brain. But it took some time. I like how there are many power-ups. Many people compare it to Zelda. I think not. Zelda has no real power, had to buy one, but I can see where you are coming from. The authorities were very nice and useful against enemies. My favorite, as if each ScrewAttack. Not even know why they called it. If spin attack? Anyway, all those things that are very useful. They jump and kill almost anything. This game was also one of the first games to have a reliable function. It could save the game and then write the code to resume the game when you have to do something else. Hey, that was a ***** but it worked. Metroid is a game especially for its sense of science fiction and how you tried a lone warrior on an alien planet, get rid of them blood-sucking parasites. Who in the science fiction genre should definitely check this game is not yet ready to shoot in the face that's all for this time! Sometimes next week I will put my last installment of my top 15 NES games of all time. I hope you enjoyed my list and the next Yah! Thanks for reading!

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