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Super Mario 2 nes romSuper Mario 2 Super Mario is not really second For those who do not know that Super Mario 2 is actually a game called Doki Doki Panic, released only in Japan. But all the signs were changed and brought in characters Doki Mario Super Mario 2nd With a few changes in the power-ups and everything that Nintendo has struck the name of Mario and sold in the United States. I do not think it was a mistake that they, after all, no one could say that Miyamoto was plagiarism because it was the developer and manufacturer of Doki Doki Panic! I do not know why Miyamoto Doki Doki Panic only chnged and put the name of Mario on it, but whatever. It was actually a real Super Mario 2, only released in Japan, then across the seas Brang of America in the Super Mario All Stars SNES Super Mario Bros. title in the collection: The Lost Levels. This game is really funny and I'll do a review of it in the near future but now, lets stick to the American Super Mario 2nd In this game you can choose between four characters at first. It has between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad and everyone has a special power, except Mario. Luigi can jump very high, Peach can float in the air for a short time and the frog may be faster than others. I like it because it gives the opportunity to play in the game with a different character each time. The power-ups arent the same as the original Mario. And the same with the characters. We are treated to a whole new line characters and powers. Now, instead of mushrooms, hearts you! And now, instead of Shy-Goombas you. In fact, I have reached no problem, but it is very difficult, in the heart of Mario 2nd But no big deal. And this time you can jump on enemies heads to kill them, they must pick up and throw them at other enemies. And you can also produce from the ground and throw enemies. Not much, but why fix something that is not defective in the first place? At the end of each level you must fight a boss. A little pink bird. She spits eggs at you and you need to recover in the distribution. But in each world, there is another problem to defeat. Once these things to collect poured blue and white, and. I like it because it is diversity and not repetitive. Finally, the last level of each world is a manager, rather than fight, the birds. This amount can vary between mice and frogs and is another way to kill time. At the end of the game you fight a big frog named Wart and toss the vegetables in the mouth, choke and die. The final sample that Mario was about this game all the time, explain the dream to change the game in very good way to wrap up the game. Nothing more to say, Super Mario Bros. 2 is a great game, despite all its faults.

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