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Super Mario Bros romGames of this series is incredible. Potential candidates for the top 10 best games ever. But they are not perfect and there is nothing wrong with them. There are some problems, but they are tolerable and easy to ignore. Not much to say, but here are my top 15 NES games of all time # 9-5. # 9 Super Mario Bros. Photobucket I do not even need to say something about this game it was unbelievable. This game was the first game I played. 4 years in my living room. My neighbor does not want his NES, because he was in college. Then he gave it to me. My father play, put the cartridge, Super Mario Bros. selected, press Start, and the music was coming. Da da da da da da da. The most memorable song of his life. This approach of orders for me then and still do. This game is always a place in my heart until the day I die. If you have not played this game, go now. In fact, you are probably in the form of one form or another. Mario. You are incredible. I salute you.

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