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Tecmo Bowl nes romTecmo Bowl - This sequel to the games I have been recommended by the G1 Frank AZ - So, since he spoke very well of him, I decided to try it. I played and as the Pro Bowl, but I do not really understand the game away. I liked all the extra features, but really enjoy it. So I played the first "Tecmo Bowl" and wow. This game is really awesome. Better than "NES Play Action Football" Way. I play football and I know that was the most games and the game very specific addition to their age. I still have some work in this game when I play real football. I liked how it was very simple. Do not confuse the hell out of you, most football games today. It was easy to select a team from the computer you choose the second, then spun a coin to see whos whos kicking or receiving. Then we can play your heart's desires. great game and all football fans should focus on for this. Every thought that I do not like "Madden" fans would because of the lack of new features such as. So what was going on, its sequel, playing "Tecmo Super Bowl." But if you play that like to sport, this game is for you. Check it out at the VC or the original NES.

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