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Zelda » Download NES ROMThe Legend of Zelda rom Oh! Do not hurt me! I like Zelda. Great game and great series. But it is not surprising. Of course it is better than other games in this list (11-15), but not surprising. That's my problem. No card. He was very happy about where to go confused. Yes, it's a start, but it is not good enough. Besides the problem of the card game is incredible. I love the game and how many are collector's items and hidden areas. It makes me entertained for hours, and I want to find all the hidden things. And the music! Second best video game theme ever. The theme is catchy and will be in your head for the rest of his life. And his epic, if you want to learn more things in the game and win the game. Zelda is a great game and all the characters and music, this game is in your heart until he dies. That's it for now. Stay # 9.5 The next time we will also do my E3 time this weekend and I will list in the middle of next week's vote post. Thanks for reading! Annoyed Adam just ignore my "Top 5 Retro-Games" or anything else. This is something new and nothing else matters. Thank you.

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